Responsible for Training & Development throughout the company with high standard by:
- Responsible for employee development, skill enhancement, competency mapping, career counseling, content creation and dissemination.
- Coach trainers and be responsible for company training operations to ensure courses are delivered to the highest standards having a multiplier effect and speedy implementation to staff.
- Assess and audit training systems in all departments of the company to ensure quality control is adhered to and high innovation is applied.
- Cost savings of Human Resources by utilizing high quality training systems and efficientprocesses.
- Roll out and launch softskillstraining courses to the public under CMG brand and other specialty programs as required.

REPORTS TO:Director of Human Resources


35 % Coaching and Management
1. Coach and be responsible for trainers/ master trainers in training functions of all departments to ensure that they could enhance the quality of training throughout the company.
2. Assess and audit training systems in all departments of the company to ensure the consistency and high quality of training and innovation is applied.
3. Conduct learning and testing programs on the regular basis and incorporate the results within the overall appraisal process.
4. Plan the implementation and facilitation of activities and events, budget spending, material production and distribution, and other resources to ensure that operations are managed within authorized budgets.
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30 % Training
1. Lay down the skill set requirements for each position in the company in the area of both technical & behavioral skills.
2. Based on training needs analysis, be responsible forspecific training programs delivered.
3. Set up systems and processes for ongoing feedback to determine gaps or skill enhancement requirements and conduct skill enhancement sessions on a regular basic.
4. Takelead with the selection and contracting of external training programs and consultants.
5. Evaluate the effectiveness of training programs and suggest innovations and/or continuous training to ensure training standard.

20 % Development
1. Promote the culture of self motivated learning in the company.
2. Develop the leadersin all departments of the company through training, coaching and counseling program.
3. Lead the Performance Review Program with high efficiency, ensure the staff understand their career paths.
4. Lead the implementation of career path and employee development program to adapt with company’s growth.

15 % Other assignments
1. Handle/ Support ad-hoc projects, or other assignments as per request.

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- Bachelor Degree, major in business administration is preferable.
- 5 years of working experience as a training manager or equivalent.
- A natural presenter and influencer.
- Good English and Vietnamese, both writing and speaking.
- Good computer skills, especially in MS Powerpoint.
- Good attention to details.
- Exceptional work ethic, values and disciplines.


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